Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why, when starting the tool, do I get the message "ERICA is already running!"?

    If you are sure that no instance of ERICA tool is running, and if the operating system on your machine is Windows Vista (Home Edition) the problem can be caused by the system User Account Control (UAC).

    To work around this problem, set the ERICA Tool to always run as an administrator:

    • Find the javaw.exe* file under the ERICA Tool directory (the default location is under: C:\Program Files\ERICA\java\jre6\bin), right-click on it, and select 'Properties'.
    • Click on the 'Compatibility' Tab.
    • Select "Run this program as administrator" and then 'Apply'.
    • You can try to start the ERICA tool now. You will be prompted to confirm running the javaw.exe as administrator, so click on 'Allow,' after which the ERICA tool should work without problem
    • Please note, the javaw.exe starts the Java Virtual Machine. It is used by your computer to run the ERICA tool which is written in the java programming language.
  • Why can't I open the tool, the program halts every time when initialising the database?

    The last update of the tool doesn’t remove, or reinstall, the pre-installed database on your machine. This is to preserve the user-added data. Unfortunately, there is a problem of compatibility between the database of the final version and database of prototype versions older than May 2007. This problem occurs with the ERICA tool (May 2007) installed in a machine that has ready an old database.

    To solve the problem:

    • Delete manually the database home directory 'My ERICA Database' in your machine.
    • Please note, the default location of the database home directory is: C:\Documents and Settings\«user dir»\My Documents\My ERICA Database.
    • To install the new database, start the ERICA tool and you will prompt to choose a directory to store the database, select one, and the tool will start without problem.
  • Where are the directories for the ERICA database and assessment files on my computer?

    When starting Erica Assessment Tool at first time, you are prompted to choose a directory to store the ERICA database and a directory to store your assessments. The default locations for those directories are:

    • C:\Documents and Settings\«user dir»\My Documents\My ERICA Database
    • C:\Documents and Settings\«user dir»\My Documents\My ERICA Assessments

    You can select a different location for those directories.

  • Which Version of ERICA Tool Are You Using?

    You can always verify with which tool version you are working by selecting About from the Help menu.

    This launches a message like: ERICA Assessment Tool 1.0 April 2008

  • Which Version of Java Are You Using?

    To use ERICA, you need at least 1.5.0_xx version of JRE (Java Runtime Environment) preinstalled. If you don't know what version of JRE you are running, use one of methods below to determine it.

    1. Go to and click to “Verify Installation” button, this will tell you the version of the JRE you are running.To download the last version of JRE, go to:
    2. Open a command prompt. In Windows go to Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> Command Prompt.
      Type: java -version.
      You should get information similar to this:

    java version "1.5.0_06"
    Java(TM) 2 Runtime Environment, Standard Edition (build 1.5.0_06-b05)
    Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM (build 1.5.0_06-b05, mixed mode)

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