ERICA Assessment Tool updated

Please go to the download area to download the new version.

Release Notes:

  • Fixed a problem with 'Software Update' feature that affects Vista and Windows 7 users.
  • In Tier 3, Result, Effects tab: fixed the connection to FREDERICA database.
  • Problem solved: When editing an organism, the old version of the tool updated DCC values in the database. However if the organism had been used in a previous assessment and then the user ran the assessment again the tool failed to read the updated DCC values from the database (and instead used the old values saved in the project file). The new version of the tool uses the updated values automatically.
  • Problem with report solved: The report generated by the old version of the tool showed the wrong limiting reference organism in the Risk Quotient table (see Tier 1 - Outputs) for some cases. The new version shows the correct limiting reference organism in all cases.

Documentation updated:

  • User interface problem fixed: Freezing screen when stepping through a Tier and you click on the back-button.

Published: Thursday, 29 Nov 2012

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