The ERICA Assessment Tool has been updated to the version 1.3 (May 2019)

This version includes the new functionality of being able to input temporal and spatial series data for radionuclide activity concentrations in environmental media and/or biota. 

New features, changes and fixes:

  • Added export-import function to exchange multiple series data between ERICA and MS Excel when entering activity concentrations. 
  • Added export-import option to the right-click menu in the table. 
  • Updated the Help documentation with information about the options when dealing with multiple series data. 
  • Fixed conversion of soil concentration when calculating the external dose rate for the terrestrial organisms for which the DCCs were generated by selecting radiation source for the infinite plane isotropic source at depth 0.5 [g cm -2].

Note that we are distributing the new version as an independent tool; Users can choose to keep the previous version installed on their PC. However, we recommend starting using version 1.3 for subsequent assessment.

Please go to the following link to download the ERICA 1.3.

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