ERICA Tool 2.0 - Update (12 June 2023)

ERICA Assessment Tool 2.0 has been updated - build 2.0.121 (12 June 2023).

Problems fixed:

  • issues around the initiation box remaining permanently on after starting ERICA v2.0.
  • errors not being reported when data files are validated during the import of organisms/assessments.
  • equilibrium correction factors for user-added radionuclides not being included in dose rate calculations. The automatic calculation of these factors is now implemented.
  • issues when reading the eq_factor from database when user defined value exists.
  • issues with user-entered CR values for added radionuclides, the user completes the assessment and then returned to the CRs screen to change the values having noticed an error. After saving the new values and run through to the results the dose rates haven’t altered and the old CRs are shown in the results tables whereas going back still shows the new values.
  • issues when running assessment with time series data using the exchange data function. If user goes back and removes a radionuclide from the context screen, and then continues through next steps, the removed radionuclide remains in the inputs section with the previous data.
  • issues with validation of data file when importing values into the Inputs in a single point assessment. The export and import options are now accessible from the ‘Exchange data’ panel in the Inputs screen.
  • issues to launch ERICA and open project when double click on a saved .eca file in Windows explorer.

New features and changes:

  • Calculation of activity concentration in decay chains has been updated to consider branching ratios. Short-lived daughters with low branching ratios are excluded (At-218, Tl-210 and U-237). Table 6 in Help documentation updated.
  • The ERICA tool now automatically checks for updates on startup and displays the option to install updates if available.
  • If active ERICA project is saved, the file path is shown in the title bar of the tool.